Survey & Analysis

Accurate data is the foundation of our work

Precise, detailed survey data is the foundation of every successful project. Incorrect or insufficient data can cause errors and miscalculations that can cause delays in permitting and construction and increase your risk for costly litigation.

What sets CIE apart is our collective technical expertise and access to the newest and best technology available. This gives CIE an ability to leverage highly detailed, real-world data for projects that exceed the ability of most local firms. Our surveying team acquires data with a high level of precision by utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and field technology for land surveying, hydrographic surveying, and aerial mapping. We strategize for efficient operational workflows and methodologies for data collection to improve the speed and accuracy of our field operations.

Engineering Drone Mapping

Drone used for aerial mapping and vegetation/wildlife surveys

Site Survey GPS

CIE’s field team using a wireless GPS enabled field controller.

Hydrographic survey

Hydrographic survey mapping depth/contor of ocean floor

Land surveying and mapping services Our land surveying and mapping services utilize the latest technology for any size project, terrain, required accuracy, or dataset. Surveying provides the critical base positional information necessary for every land or waterway-oriented project.

CIE surveyors are seasoned field professionals versed in a variety of techniques and tools. We invest in the latest technology and equipment that provides the most accurate, efficient and comprehensive survey data on Cape Cod including GPS, satellite, robotics, drones, 3-D Laser Scanners and LiDAR systems.

Hydrographic surveying of the ocean floor features and water depths is the foundation of any waterway project and is typically used in the design, permitting, and construction of piers and docks, marinas, and dredging projects.

CIE surveyors can accomplish any hydrographic survey needs utilizing survey boats and drones tailored to fit any of your job requirements.

Accurate digital mapping identifies specific terrain, site details, and features such as shoreline conditions and vegetation types, enabling our staff to work quicker, more efficiently, and with a higher level of accuracy.

CIE has invested in the most current drone and mapping technology necessary for integrated aerial digital imagery and topographic mapping. We often use aerial mapping for the development of existing-condition CAD models, project plans, presentations to local permitting boards, and submissions to the Cape Cod Commission for both residential and commercial projects.

Construction site layout is required in the construction process to properly locate site features. Site layout services may also include the location of buildings, drainage, utilities, grades and elevations of proposed structures, to assist the site builder in the construction.

As-built plans are prepared upon completion of a project, reflecting the existing locations of the features that were constructed, any changes made in the specifications and working drawings during the construction process and showing the exact dimensions, geometry, and location of all elements of the work completed.

CIE works closely with Builders and Developers to ensure their projects stay on schedule. We view our relationship as if it were a partnership. We understand the building process, are quick to respond with services and provide the expert knowledge and skill set necessary for a successful project.

Soil Testing (Percolation “Perc” Test)

In Massachusetts, a soil evaluation and percolation test ( ‘perc test’ ) is part of a septic system design project and required by the DEP/local board of health to determine soil suitability and the size of the leaching area.  Often a percolation test is the first step in determining if a lot can be built on or if the land is being prepared for a sale.  Percolation tests are also required when a septic system is enlarged or needs to be replaced.

With a single phone call, CIE can provide a complete soil testing service for property owners that include:

  • review of the site and possible system locations
  • procurement of the excavation contractor (optional),
  • filing of application and scheduling with Town Board of Health
  • on-site  evaluation of soils/percolation test witnessed by Board of Health Agent

A feasibility analysis can help property owners understand the potential best use for a particular property, the probability for gaining approvals and determining possible risks that may result in unforeseen costs or delays in the permitting process.

Together we review your goals and objectives and identify available uses, potential restrictions and possible permitting requirements, saving you time, money and reducing risk before you break ground.

If in the process, we discover a significant roadblock or challenge to your objective, CIE will present options and creative solutions to provide the most value and use.

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Survey Services
  • Boundary Determination

  • Property Staking

  • Topographic

  • 3D Scanning

  • Photogrammetric

  • Hydrographic

  • Quantity/Volumetric

  • Site Control & Geodetic Surveys

  • Construction Layout Staking

  • Utility Location and Compilation

  • Construction As-built

  • Site Documentation

  • ALTA/NSPS Land Title

  • Land Court

  • Height/Elevation Certification