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    Feasibility / Due Diligence

    You’re considering purchasing a property. Will you be able to use it as you intend? Could you face compliance issues? Are there any other factors that could put the project at risk? Leveraging our knowledge of applicable regulations, strong relationships with local regulators and land, hydrographic and aerial surveying capabilities, we’ll help you decide with confidence whether or not to make the investment.

  • Design

    The design phase is a must for any project involving property improvements. We’ll take the time to understand what you want to accomplish and why. As with feasibility/due diligence, our advanced surveying capabilities come into play here. So, too, does our commitment to innovation. We’ll apply out-of-the-box thinking to build a custom solution that meets your objectives and sets up your project for success.


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    We help property owners navigate the complexities of securing local, county, state and federal approvals. Being proactive is crucial. Prior to a project going before a planning or zoning board, we work with regulators to arrive at an acceptable solution. This collaborative approach — made possible by the trust we’ve earned from regulators over the past 35+ years — consistently facilitates project approvals for our clients.

  • Construction

    In this phase, we aim to ensure the project is constructed exactly as specified in the plans. But even our superior surveying capabilities can’t prevent unexpected issues from arising during construction. It’s inevitable in the type of work we do. In these cases, we adapt on the fly, making adjustments that address evolving concerns and avoid delays in a cost-efficient manner. You can count on us to always act with your best interests in mind.


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    Regulators require proof that the project has been completed in alignment with the plans and permits. That’s our job in the as-built phase. We’ll provide all necessary documentation and, if necessary, serve as your advocate during negotiations with regulatory bodies to gain compliance. This work is sometimes necessary for financing purposes as well.