Native to Cape Cod, CIE staff are local landowners and boat owners with a personal understanding of this issue. Town residents who pay taxes have a right to enjoy their property as long as it does not adversely impact the waterways. By law, you need a certified engineer to certify that a pier or dock is designed to ensure the prevention of damage to wetland resource areas and abutting properties, including erosion and sedimentation.

The MassDEP administers and enforces Chapter 91 licensing. CIE provides a complete set of services to assess, design and permit piers, bulkheads, boardwalks, and floating and seasonal docks for private, commercial, and municipal clients. We can guide you from proposal to permitting, from conceptualization to construction.

See the MassDEP’s Waterways Permitting Guide for details on which type of Chapter 91 authorization your proposed activity or project requires.