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Building construction, building relationships

Cape and Islands Engineering works with local commercial builders, architects, and developers on larger scale building projects including multi-unit residential communities and commercial buildings. We work as an integral part of your development team, representing your interests through all phases of your project-from feasibility, planning, and design to permitting, construction, and inspection.

Our expertise with Cape Cod’s extensive regulatory environment and long-standing relationships with local city/town engineers, planning/zoning boards, conservation commissions, boards of health, and the Cape Cod Commission provide a level of trust and professionalism unmatched by any other firm.

Working with CIE provides development clients with a faster and more efficient path through the approval process and a higher rate of success.

Site Staking

Site staking for a new commercial building in Mashpee

Cape Cod Construction Engineering

Woods Hole Development

Site Plan for Residential Development in Woods Hole

Site Feasibility Survey

What you want and what is achievable aren’t always in alignment.

If you plan to buy, sell, build, or develop property on Cape Cod, a CIE site feasibility analysis should be your first move. Together we’ll review your goals and objectives for the property, identifying available uses, potential restrictions, and possible permitting requirements or challenges.

With more than thirty years of local experience with successful construction and development projects, a CIE Feasibility Study will save you time and money, and allow you to reduce risk before you break ground.

Project Strategy & Planning

Every large-scale construction project requires intelligent analysis, informed foresight, and a flexible strategic plan. With extensive local experience, CIE can be an invaluable strategic partner to developers and builders.

Our team is accurate, insightful, quick to respond, and able to defend your rights and interests with fierce determination. Small errors or miscalculations can have serious consequences; CIE has a proven ability to deliver for our large-scale clients.

  • Identify goals and objectives
  • Assess risks and obstacles
  • Employ phase organization and implement
Site Design & Engineering

CIE provides innovative, proactive full-service design, engineering, and permitting services for successful, environmentally responsible commercial/residential/mixed-use projects.

Often, infrastructure and environmental constraints are underestimated in the planning process. CIE ensures that your planning process results in a sustainable and economically viable (and permit-able) design.

We support our commercial/development clients every step of the way, providing expert, seasoned guidance that helps to avoid pitfalls that impact schedules and budgets.

Stormwater Management

Stormwater is one of the leading sources of pollution in Cape Cod’s wetlands, water supply, and waterways. CIE can assist property owners in incorporating sustainable stormwater infrastructure and management standards.

Wastewater Collection & Treatment

CIE provides design services for wastewater collection and treatment systems utilizing a wide array of technology carefully selected to meet the client’s needs. CIE provides all aspects of design and permitting services, including single-family house designs, cluster wastewater treatment systems, and large-scale commercial facilities.

Depending on the size of the system, permitting requirements may include local and state regulations and several layers of permits. CIE’s comprehensive experience with current wastewater technology.

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