Coastal Resilience

Coastal Resilience is the proactive building of a natural ability to lessen impact and recover from damage caused by natural events such as hurricanes, coastal storms, and flooding – rather than simply reacting to it’s impacts.

CIE is a leading local engineering firm on Cape Cod working with communities and landowners to identify coastal risk and develop successful, pro-active, resiliency and mitigation efforts.

Cape Cod’s municipalities, property owners, and industries such as commercial fishing and shellfish farmers have quickly become more vulnerable to coastal hazards that threaten the quality and value of our property and our livelihood. CIE can help property owners plan for the future by taking proactive protective measures and assist in evaluating their real estate holdings and long-term strategies.

A few ways CIE can help coastal property owners:

  • Evaluate the increase in potential flooding hazards
  • Plan and permit erosion protection strategies
  • Design and permit sea walls and revetments to protect structures
  • Design and permit flood protection strategies
  • Design and permit restoration of a coastal dune habitat and beach nourishment
  • Evaluate all available options and help clients make decisions to improve, hold or sell
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