Meet the CIE Leadership Team

What makes our team exceptional is their ability to provide results & value for our clients while maintaining a respect and stewardship for our Cape Cod coastal environment.
Matthew C. Costa


Matt Costa is the President of Cape & Islands Engineering. He is responsible for all aspects of the firm’s strategy, team and operations. Matt leads the firm in its mission to deliver superior client results.

Over the course of nearly twenty years in the industry, Matt has served in a variety of leadership roles where he has developed a unique skill set for engineering, surveying, and real estate development. Matt’s passion for business, creativity and first principles analytical talents help him position Cape & Islands Engineering as a leader in their field and an unmatched choice for clients.

Based on Cape Cod, Matt has a long and successful record of helping clients with design, permitting strategy and other engineering, surveying and permitting challenges. He has particular depth working with clients to maximize real estate assets and finding innovative solutions to meet their goals. Matt’s passion for engineering, surveying computer technology and business development, coupled with cross-industry experience in the wastewater technology, real estate development and finance fields allow Cape & Islands to provide complete project development solutions for clients.

Matt received a Bachelor of Science Degree from Northeastern University and is a registered Professional Land Surveyor (PLS), Registered Sanitarian (RS), Licensed Soil Evaluator, Licensed Title 5 System Inspector (SI), and Licensed Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator. Matt also holds a U.S. Patent for enhanced nitrogen removal wastewater treatment technology and has developed innovative nitrogen management strategies.

Matthew Costa, P.L.S., R.S.
Raúl Lizardi-Rivera

Director of Engineering

Raúl Lizardi-Rivera is the Director of Engineering for Cape & Islands Engineering. He is responsible for overseeing the firm’s engineering services program and fulfilling our mission to deliver clients high-value engineering services, creative solutions and outstanding customer experience.
​Over the course of nearly seventeen years in the industry, Raúl has enjoyed various technical and leadership roles for a diverse range of projects on Cape Cod and throughout Massachusetts. Prior to joining Cape & Islands Engineering, Raul was Vice President and sat on the Board of Directors at Holmes and McGrath, Inc. where he lead efforts on projects and successfully navigated complex permitting landscapes to meet clients’ needs.

​Based on Cape Cod, Raúl has a long and successful record as a lead engineer having particular depth working with local boards and departments, the Cape Cod Commission and state and federal agencies designing and permitting various residential, commercial and institutional projects. Raúl’s specialities include land use planning, stormwater and wastewater treatment design and an outstanding command of sound engineering principles.

​Raúl received a Bachelor of Science Degree of Civil Engineering (2000) from University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez, Puerto Rico and is a State of Massachusetts Registered Professional Engineer (PE) and a MassDEP Licensed Soil Evaluator (SE).

Matthew Costa, P.L.S., R.S.
Ian Lunn

Director of Field Services

Ian is responsible for Cape & Islands Engineering’s land surveying, field technology, and production strategy, including standards and operational workflows for all our field personnel.

With close to twenty years of industry experience, Ian has served in a variety of survey technician and leadership roles on projects including single-family lots, 100-acre land court surveys as well as commercial, industrial and institutional projects throughout southeastern Massachusetts. For Cape & Islands Engineering, Ian ongoingly develops our firm’s standards and methodologies for data collection constantly improving the speed and accuracy of our field operation data. We also rely on Ian for the breadth of his technical expertise and ability to leverage the newest technology advances for our client projects.

Ian received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Management from Curry College and is a Trimble Access™, Trimble GNSS and Trimble Robotic Total Station technology, expert.

Matthew Costa, P.L.S., R.S.
John Beckwith

Director of CAD Services

John Beckwith is the Director of CAD Services for Cape & Islands Engineering. He is responsible for the backbone of production being all aspects of the firm’s CAD technology and production strategy, maintaining company-wide standards and overseeing the continual development of operational workflows.

John has served in a variety of leadership roles in land surveying, drafting, and CAD technology management for nearly three decades with a diverse and successful record developing CAD technology programs serving integral roles with companies such as Daylor Consulting and global firms such and Tetra Tech. John’s deep understanding of CAD and survey technology coupled with his expertise and experience in land surveying and enterprise standards management gives him a skill set that is second to none.

John is exceptionally talented at developing CAD workflows for maximizing operational efficiency and quality, title research, land surveying and land use planning. John is a leader in his field with his vast experience, knowledge and a strong desire to always learn more. Cape and Islands Engineering is delighted to have John working to serve our clients as a leader in our industry.

Matthew Costa, P.L.S., R.S.
Jean Duff-Still

Director of Permitting

Jean Duff-Still  is the Director of Permitting for Cape & Islands Engineering.  She is responsible for overseeing the firm’s environmental permitting services program.  Jean leads the firm in our mission to streamline and simplify the permitting process for property owners.  Jean’s compassion and comprehensive knowledge base make her an exceptional client advocate who tirelessly stands guard of her clients’ rights and takes action to protect their interests.

With over 25 years in the industry, Jean has experience in both the regulator and private sectors.  Jean has a long and successful career starting with working for municipal regulatory agencies before she moved to the private sector to leverage her deep understanding of the nuances with various environmental permitting processes along with an expansive network of established relationships.

Jean has an exceptional talent for paying attention to detail and interfacing between clients and regulators to provide the best possible experience and outstanding results.  Jean’s ability to motivate others with care, quickly grasp detail oriented processes and build and maintain long-standing relationships based on trust make her a leader in her field.  Jean’s specialties include coordinating efforts for navigating the complex regulatory framework for local, state and federal environmental permitting projects. Her unique skill set and dedication provide valuable advantages to our clients.

Jean Duff-Still
Charlene Antrim


Charlene Antrim holds the title of Controller for Cape & Islands Engineering.  She is responsible for overseeing the firm’s client relations and corporate finance activities, facilitating production goals and managing deliverables.  Charlene handles a wide range of duties as she assists in leading project development while working with all team members in the firm’s mission to deliver clients the best service experience in the industry.

Charlene has been with Cape & Islands since it was originally founded in 1986 and has nearly three decades of experience providing exceptional service as part of a land surveying and engineering firm.  Charlene possesses a comprehensive high-level understanding for all the various aspects of providing engineering and land surveying services directly to consumers within the Cape Cod region.

Charlene is exceptionally talented at maintaining client relations, performing detailed title research and navigating the nuances of local regulations.  Charlene’s high capacity for productivity and team coordination, together with her in-depth experience, the ability to understand all the phases of a project and accurately allocate resources while simultaneously managing client accounts make her an industry leader.

Charlene Antrim