Although we are very much open for business, our office will be closed to the public until further notice. In-person meetings will be by appointment only.

Civil Engineering, Land Surveying and Environmental Permitting Services for Cape Cod and the Islands

Cape & Islands Engineering has more than 30 years of experience working with local property owners, architects, builders, investors and town officials.

To protect the natural beauty of our unique coastal landscape and waterways, Cape Cod has a comprehensive regulatory environment that can be restrictive and daunting for landowners.

With our experienced, talented engineering staff and an approach that is empathetic to your point of view, Cape & Islands Engineering provides solutions that yield the best possible results.



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Working with communities and landowners to identify coastal risk and develop successful, pro-active, resiliency and mitigation efforts.

  • Beach, Dune & Wetlands Restoration

  • Beach Replenishment

  • Structure Elevation/Retrofitting

  • Sea Wall Construction

Residential Engineering
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Our approach is to adopt the mindset of each individual client and deliver our residential engineering services with a sense of urgency and responsibility – You can trust CIE to protect your interests and provide the best possible solutions that gain the most value and utility for your family’s property.

  • Septic System Design

  • Wetlands Permitting, Compliance & Mitegation

  • New Home Site Plans

  • Flood Plain Confirmation and/or Removal

  • Design & Permitting of Docks and Ramps

Solutions that protect your interests and maximize your property’s value.

Our team is especially skilled at working through complicated, challenging situations that require creative solutions.
– Matt Costa, President, CIE